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Discipline Coordinator: Dr. Michael Weichhaus
Biology Major Program Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Baker, Dr. Jolene Cogbill, Dr. Michael Dohm, Dr. Genevieve Griffiths, Dr. Frederique Kandel, Dr. Mindy McDermott, Dr. Chrystie Naeole, Dr. Henry Trapido-Rosenthal, Dr. Helen Turner, Dr. Michael Weichhaus, Dr. Claire Wright
Biology Minor Program Advisor: Dr. Michael Dohm
Pre-health advisor: Dr. Amber Caracol Noguchi
Research Internship Coordinator: Dr. Jolene Cogbill

Biology Mission Statement

Biology is the study of living organisms and is an increasingly dynamic and wide-ranging discipline. The mission of the Biology Major program at Chaminade is to deliver an excellent education in the biological sciences, preparing students to be innovative, rigorous and well-trained scientists, educators or health practitioners. The biology degree program recognizes that sophisticated intellectual content and practical experiences are central to the goal of equipping tomorrow’s scientists.

Students will be exposed to contemporary ideas in biology and challenging laboratory courses involving modern techniques and advanced instrumentation. Application of the scientific method, statistical and presentation skills, and critical evaluation of data are foundational to the course progression in the major, which can culminate in a capstone research experience. Reflecting the research interests and expertise of the faculty, our undergraduate students experience an education specifically targeting the areas of cell and molecular biology, signal transduction, genetics and genomics, and interactive biology. Undergraduate students are fully integrated in research activities and participate directly in the process of discovery. The curriculum is synthesized with a rich program of available development activities including internships, conference attendance and preparation activities for the health professions and graduate school.


Drawing inspiration from our university's federal designation as a Native Hawaiian serving institution, the cherished Marianist value of offering a quality education, and the unwavering commitment of the Roman Catholic tradition to serve the underprivileged, the biology program sets forth an ambitious vision: to establish itself as the premier biology program in the world for Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students and to pave a path by facilitating access to further graduate education opportunities.

Biology Program Features

The Biology and Biochemistry curricula at Chaminade University were intentionally designed to align to national expectations from The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Association of Medical Colleges, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the National Science Foundation. Two tracks are available within the BS in Biology, emphasizing Cellular and Molecular Biology and Integrative and Organismal Biology, respectively. When selecting a major program, students should be aware that the individual curricula are tailored to specific post-graduate preparation for careers. These are outlined below.

B.S. in Biology: Cellular & Molecular Track

Is there an undergraduate research requirement?
One semester; second semester optional elective

Is there an internship requirement?

What are the target post-graduate destinations for which this degree is designed?
Health Professions (MD, Pharm.D, etc.); Graduate School in Biological/Biomedical Sciences; Pharmaceutical Industry; Biotechnology Industry

B.S. in Biology: Integrative and Organismal Track

Is there an undergraduate research requirement?
Optional as one semester elective

Is there an internship requirement?

What are the target post-graduate destinations for which this degree is designed?
Health Professions (MD, Pharm.D, etc.); Graduate School in Biology; Biotechnology Industry; State and Federal Agencies

B.S. in Biology (both tracks)

Is this program suitable for students who seek to enter medical or other health professional schools?
Yes-specifically pre-med seminar series, other enrichment activities and candidacy for Medical and other health professions Early Admissions Program. *Students who intend to apply for medical, dental, veterinary or other professional schools are encouraged.

Pre-Medical area of emphasis. Within the BS programs in biology and biochemistry, it is possible to elect the “pre-med” area of emphasis. Here, students are enrolled in a seminar series and other activities that specifically prepare for standardized tests such as MCAT, and for entry into professional areas such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy and others. In addition, this election admits the student to candidacy for the Chaminade Medical School Early Admissions Program. Chaminade University offers an early acceptance program to select partner universities for students interested in pursuing health professions degrees. Students must meet specific requirements to be eligible. Qualified applicants will have the opportunity to be pre-selected to a graduate program in their desired health profession before graduating from Chaminade. Interested students should contact a pre-health advisor at their earliest opportunity to discuss this program.