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Mathematics Minor

Pre-minor requirements: MA 210 and MA 211

Minor requirements: MA 311 (4 credits), MA 401 (3 credits) and 6 additional upper division credits in mathematics. Upper division Mathematics courses are offered according to sufficient demand (usually a section of 8 or more students). Individualized studies depend on faculty availability and may not be available in a given semester and are not recommended for advanced Mathematics courses. Due to the advanced nature of the material, individualized studies will require the same contact hours from instructor and student as the regularly scheduled class. Students should declare the MA minor and work with the MA minor advisor in order for student cohorts to be assembled in a given year.

Upon completion of the Mathematics minor, students will be able to:

  1. Students will generalize and apply mathematical concepts that are integrated into disciplines or appear in everyday life.

  2. Students will distinguish and apply mathematical perception and practical skills in logical thinking, carrying out deductive and inductive reasoning.

  3. Students will utilize the more advanced mathematical knowledge and computational skills to the study of other disciplines, numerically, analytically and graphically.

  4. Where relevant, students will be able to initiate the growth of their own mathematical maturity to undertake higher-level studies in mathematics and related fields.