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Course Descriptions


AR 101 Introduction to the Visual Arts (3)

General survey of major art styles and media, exploring the nature of visual art and its expressions. Recommended for non-majors to fulfill general education requirements. Offered annually.

AR 103 Visual Design I (3)

A foundational course focused on the elements and principles of design to all visual arts. An introduction to basic design and digital art, using various digital software, as well as drawing and painting materials. Offered every semester.

AR 111 Drawing (3)

Basic principles of drawing using a variety of media; analytic emphasis is directed toward an understanding of composition, form, line, value, and observation. Offered every semester.

AR 201 Arts and Culture I (3)

An introduction to the visual arts of both Eastern and Western world from the prehistoric era to the late middle ages. The basic premise of the course stems from a conviction that painting, sculpture, and architecture reflect the times, places and culture that produced them. Offered annually.

AR 202 Arts and Culture II(3)

A study of painting, sculpture, and architecture in the Renaissance to contemporary times of Western world and later periods of Eastern world. Offered annually. 

AR 250 Beginning Ceramics (3)

An introduction to working on the potter’s wheel and its various capabilities as a tool for clay work, incorporating hand-building techniques. Six hours per week. Offered every semester.

AR 255 3D Design (3) 

A foundational course focused on the principles and elements of design for three-dimensional/sculptural art. Students learn how to turn a concept/idea into a three-dimensional work of art. Six hours per week. Offered every semester. English 102 and Communication 101 are prerequisites for all upper division courses.

AR 350 Intermediate Ceramics (3)

Intermediate technique focused on qualities of form, function, and style including wheel-throwing in ceramics. Glaze development and approaches to firing techniques are introduced. Six hours per week. Offered every semester. Prerequisites: AR 250 or consent of instructor.

AR 355 Sculpture (3)

Intermediate techniques in hands-on sculpture and 3D design, developing structural and perceptual senses with an emphasis on 3D perceptions of space, scale, and environment. Interior Design students may focus on conceiving, producing and justifying 3D conceptual objects within the context of interior spaces. Cross-listed with EID-355. Prerequisites: AR 255 or EID 200, or consent of instructor.

AR 360 Visual Design II (3)

An introduction to the visual language of graphic design and illustration in a wide range of media and contexts, from paper to screen, from digital environments to public spaces. Offered annually.  Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

AR 450 Integrative Arts (3)

Focuses on the creative process of art-making in a series of cross-disciplinary projects, exploring dynamic uses and opportunities of various art forms in cultural, social, and environmental contexts. Offered annually. 

AR 455 Arts of Time (3)

A study of time-based media in pages and motion to explore various layouts for print, edit, and video-making with linear and non-linear narratives. A spirit of play and experimentation are encouraged in ways that can influence conventional thinking processes. Offered annually.   

AR 460 Painting: Narrative/Figuration (3)

Focuses on the human figure and creates narrative in painting. Students' works are based from direct observation, crafting works that explore imagery, symbolism, and setting. Prerequisite AR 360 or permission of instructor.

AR 480 Art Research Seminar(3)

Focuses on research and writing skills in the discipline and literature of the art and design fields, providing an opportunity to conduct and share research findings  in multidisciplinary groups. consent of instructor. 

AR 499 Directed Studio Work (1 to 3)

Individualized work as arranged through the instructor. Alternate of special interest relating to the student’s major field of study. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and consent of instructor.