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Integrated Bachelor and Master of Science (B.S + M.S.) Requirements

Day undergraduate students who complete a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice (C&CJ) are qualified to apply for the Chaminade Master of Science in Criminal Justice Studies (MSCJS) 4 +1 program. Students interested in this option will apply to the Integrated Bachelor and Master of Science Program in their Junior year and will take two graduate MSCJS courses as electives during their senior year.  After graduation, students will enter the MSCJS program with the two courses that they took as undergraduates applied to the graduate requirements for the MSCJS program.   Students enrolled in the integrated program will be able to complete the Master’s program in one year. 

Note: Students must have a grade of B or higher in order to have any of the graduate courses counted towards the degree requirements for the MSCJS program. 

To be eligible the student must:

  • Apply during Junior year with Program Director

  • Have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Day Undergraduate Seniors will enroll in two graduate-level courses

    • One course in the Fall term and one in the Winter term

    •  The first course must be an in person course

    •  One course must be a CORE course

  • Graduate courses count as electives at the undergraduate level

  • Courses covered under the UG tuition* and will switch to graduate tuition once UG is complete

    * must be enrolled as full-time undergraduate student