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24-Hour Chaminade University Emergency Information Hotline (808) 739-7499; (833) 739-7499;

Emergency Weather

In the event of inclement weather, students are advised to check the local television and radio stations. Go to  to learn if classes are canceled or school is closed. If there is nothing on the web regarding a school closure, students are expected to attend classes unless the instructor has canceled a particular class. Students living in the residence halls should check with their Residence Hall Director or the Director of Housing & Residence Life for specific procedures. In case of an emergency event, students should respond to the directives of the University Emergency Response Team.

It is the intention of the university to offer uninterrupted courses of study to its students. In the event that it is unable to continue some or all academic instruction because of a natural disaster or other event over which the institution has no control, tuition and other fees are not refundable.

For more emergency information, please go to the University Emergency Information webpage:

Campus Security

Henry Hall Annex

(808) 735-4792

Chaminade University of Honolulu is dedicated to providing students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a safe and secure campus environment. Our team members, led by the Director of Campus Safety (a full-time university employee), train constantly and maintain a close working relationship with local law enforcement and community leaders. Chaminade partners with Allied Universal Security Services to provide guard services 24-hours a day, seven days per week. Our security officers are licensed by the State of Hawaii Security Guard program and consistently exceed the minimum training requirements of the program. Security Officers also receive annual training regarding federal laws such as the Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act (VOWA), Title IX, and other rules germane to protecting students and staff. OSHA safety principles are covered in daily briefings and unsafe conditions are constantly looked for through frequent inspections.

Our Campus Security Team has jurisdiction over the campus and enforce local, state, and federal laws, as well as university rules & regulations. The team provides services such as the SafeSwords Program, in which a security professional can safely escort you to any location on-campus. To learn more about this program, visit

Chaminade Campus Security has jurisdiction over the campus. Officers are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact Security by dialing (808) 735-4792 from an outside phone, or dial 4792 from any campus phone. Immediately report all crimes and incidents to the Campus Security staff. Resident Assistants have radios and cellphones to contact Campus Security staff to assist students who have security needs.

Resident students should consult their CUH Guide to Housing & Residence Life handbook for information on reporting lockouts, problems with their residence, and other facilities safety issues. Non-resident students should report all issues of safety directly to the Director of Campus Safety. Students are encouraged to report all criminal activities to the Campus Security Office any hour of the day. Students in on-campus and off-campus housing facilities should dial 911 for all fire, ambulance, or police emergencies day or night, with a follow-up call to Campus Security.

Campus Safety

The university is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment. The following resources are available in an effort to keep campus community members informed.

  1. Emergency Webpage: The University’s emergency information may be found at

  2. The Emergency Response Guide is accessible on the university website. One may click on any of the emergency buttons for detailed instructions on how to respond in the event of an emergency.

  3. An Emergency Guidebook is located in every classroom and provides detailed instructions on how to respond in the event of an emergency. Every CUH faculty member also has a copy of the Guidebook. Telephones are also located in each classroom for emergency use.

  4. The university’s Emergency Information Hotline is (808) 739-7499. This recorded phone line provides callers with up-to-date information and instructions during an emergency. This line is for emergency information only. A toll-free number for out-of-state parents/families is also available at (833) 739-7499.

  5. Emergency Text Alerts: To get the latest emergency communication from Chaminade University, students’ cell numbers will be connected to Chaminade’s emergency notification text system. When you login to the Chaminade portal initially, you will be asked to provide some emergency contact information. If you provide a cellphone number, you will receive a text from our emergency notification system asking you to confirm your number. You must respond to that message to complete your registration and get emergency notifications on your phone. To make updates to your information, click on the Emergency Notifications link on the SharePoint Portal home page.

Timely Warnings/Preparing the Annual Disclosure

(808) 735-4792

All members of the Chaminade University campus community are notified on an annual basis that they are required to immediately notify Chaminade Campus Security, (808) 735-4792, or 911, of any situation or incident that may involve an emergency or dangerous situation. Security and the Emergency Response Team respond and summon the necessary resources to warn the campus community, and will mitigate, investigate, and document any situation. If an emergency or dangerous situation exists, federal law requires that Chaminade University immediately notify the campus community, or the appropriate segments of the community that may be affected by the situation, and inform them what actions to take.

Chaminade University of Honolulu has a multilayered emergency notification system to notify the campus community about an emergency or dangerous situation involving a threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, and staff on campus.

Some or all of these systems will be activated without delay in the event of a threat to the Chaminade University campus community, depending on the location and type of emergency. Systems include emails, desktop notifications that scroll across computer screens, print messaging on phone screens, emergency links on the University web page (, and text messages. Chaminade University will post updates on the university web page,, and employ some or all of the notification systems listed above.

If Security confirms that there is an emergency or dangerous situation that poses an immediate threat, Security will immediately, and without delay, contact the Director of Campus Safety, the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, or Director of Student Conduct & Title IX. The Director of Campus Safety, the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, and/or Director of Student Conduct & Title IX will determine the content of the message and use some or all of the notification systems listed above to communicate the threat to the campus community or to the appropriate segment of the campus community.

Emergency Evacuation Plans are posted in Chaminade University residence halls. Evacuation drills are conducted at least once a year.

In the event of an emergency, the Chaminade University Office of Communications & Marketing will distribute appropriate media releases via email, fax, and phone calls to local media (radio, broadcast television, and newsprint). The media release is also uploaded to the Chaminade Portal News Archive and Chaminade home page; from there it becomes part of Chaminade’s News Release pages. The Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students is responsible for contacting students; the Office of Human Resources is responsible for contacting the faculty and staff.

Chaminade University has an expectation that students, faculty, and staff will share information they have or receive about campus crime, disruptive community behavior, or incidents. A Chaminade Campus Incident Reporting Form is available online and is intended to convey information needed to track the University’s response to campus incidents being reported, as well as to assess the danger the incident represents to the community at large.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Locations on Campus

The university has several AED machines located on campus in case of emergency:

  • Henry Hall Annex (outside Security Office)

  • Clarence T.C. Ching Hall (outside Loo Student Center entrance)

  • Sullivan Library (outside main entrance)

  • Brogan Hall (lanai)

  • Kieffer Hall (main lanai)

  • Kieffer Hall (inside Carlson Fitness Center)

  • Henry Hall (first-level lanai across from Room #112)

  • Hale Malia (inside main entrance on left)

  • Mystical Rose (outside, left of main entrance)

  • Hale Pohaku (outside, near Suite 101)

  • Hale Lokelani (outside, near main entrance)

  • Hale Hoaloha (outside, first-level lanai)

  • Tredtin Hall (outside President’s Dining Room)

  • Silversword Athletics Training Center & Locker Rooms (exterior of building)

  • 3353 Waialae Residence Hall (in laundry room)

  • Mobile Unit (housed in Security Office)