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Sport Management Minor

pre-minor requirements

BU 201

Introduction to Business


BU 202

Financial Literacy


EC 203

Essentials of Economics


minor requirements

BU 314

Event Management


BU 487

Internship Experience



PSY 452,
300-400 level SURF,
Digital Com course,
BU 310,
MKT 301


*business majors choose 1 elective, non-business majors choose 2 electives

Upon completion of the Sport Management minor, students will be able to:

1. Students will be able to explain the breadth and depth of the business of sport and its impact on society.

2. Students will be able to analyze sport enterprises and evaluate financial viability and sustainability.

3. Students will be able to solve problems in sport management relative to specific areas of academic and career interest.

4. Students will be able to prepare and execute major event plans.