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General Education Course Alignment




Life Skills & College Success

CUH 100 First Year Experience Seminar



EN 101 Introduction to Expository Writing

EN 102 Expository Writing


Quantitative Skills

BU 254 Personal Finance

MA 100 Quantitative Reasoning & Math Skills

MA 103 College Algebra

MA 104 College Algebra for Calculus Track

MA 105 Math for Elementary Teachers I


Oral Communication

COM 101 Introduction to Communication


Quantitative Reasoning

BI 110/L People & Nature: Oceans and Human Health

BI 131/L Human Nutrition

BI 216/L Cellular and Organismal Biology II

BI 250 People & Microbes: Microbiology & Cell Biology

BU 202 Financial Literacy

BU 254 Personal Finance

CS 201 Programming in R

CS 202 Programming in Python

DS 101 Data Structures, Data Analytics, and Data Life cycle

EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics

EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics

ENV 115/L: Marine Environmental Science

ENV 201/L Conservation Bio & Ecology

MA 305 Math for Elementary Teachers II


Critical Thinking

AN 200 Cultural Anthropology

BU 202 Financial Literacy

CIS 471 Cyberspace & Cyber security Essentials

DS 100 Data Science Applications

EC-202 Principles of Microeconomics

EC 203 Critical Thinking

ENV 100 Introduction to Environmental Issues

GE 102 World Regional Geography

GE 103 Human Geography

HI 151 World Civilizations I

HI 304 America Between the Wars

POL 111 Comparative Government & Politics

POL 211 American Government & Politics

PSY 101 General Psychology

PH 100 Introduction to Philosophy

PH 105 Ethics


Knowledge of Beauty and Creativity

AR 103 Visual Design

AR 111 Drawing

AR 201 Survey of Art I

AR 202 Survey of Art II

AR 250 Beginning Ceramics

AR 255 Beginning Sculpture

DS 403 Digital Humanities

EID 216 Design Principles and Interior Composition

PAR 101 Intro to the Great Composers

PAR 201 Introduction to Motion Pictures

PAR 205 Acting I

PAR 208 Fundamentals of Music

PAR 210 Fundamentals of Theatre


Education for Adaptation & Change

BU 254 Personal Finance

COM 310 Intercultural Communication

DS 122 Data Feminism

EN 201 Types of Literature

EN 308 Climate Fiction

EN 319 Studies in Shakespeare

EN 422 Modern Pacific Literature

ENV 400: Current Global Environmental Issues

HI 151 World Civilizations I

HI 201 America Before the Civil War

HI 202 America Since the Civil War

HI 305 Contemporary America

HI 444 Samurai Japan

HI 450 Pre-Modern Hawai'i

HI 451 Modern Hawai'i

HI 452 Pre-Modern Pacific Islands

HI 453 Modern Pacific Islands

POL/HI 305 Contemporary America


Education for Service, Justice, & Peace

COM 200 Introduction to Mass Communication

DS 200 Data Ethics

DS 316 Behind the Social Media Curtain

DS 401 Healthcare Informatics and Analytics

EN 255 Short Story and Novel

ENV 400 Current Global Environmental Issues

ENV/RE 431 Environmental Ethics

HI 341 America Through Civil War

HI 403 American Diplomacy

POL 341 Vietnam War

RE 390 Transformational Leadership

SO 200 Introductory Sociology


Education in the Family Spirit

BU 200 Introduction to Business

DS 301 Community Engaged Computing

EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics

EN 285 Multigenerational Family Narratives

EN 309 YA Fiction: Comas, Catastrophes & Cats

EN 314 Backgrounds in American Literature

HI 301 Early America

HI 407 History of Rock-n-Roll

HI 438 Globalization and Capitalism

HI 444 Modern Japan

PH 100 Introduction to Philosophy

PSY 458 Psychology of Relationships


Integral (Holistic) Education for Global Awareness

AN 200 Cultural Anthropology

BU 202 Financial Literacy

COM 310 Intercultural Communication

DS 404 GEO tagging and GIS

DS 407 Data Science for Environmental Sciences

EID/PSY 336 Unpacking the Home: The Landscape of Modern Family and Culture

EN 256 Poetry and Drama

EN 432 Contemporary American Literature

EN 482 Film and Literature

EN 305 Multicultural Literature

GE 102 World Regional Geography

GE 103 Human Geography

HI 151 World Civilizations I

HI 443 Samurai Japan

HI 446 Modern Middle East

RE 460 Buddhism

RE 357 Christians & Buddhists in Dialogue

PH 380 Special Topics

POL 111 Comparative Government & Politics

POL 375 International Relations

HI/POL 438 Globalization and Capitalism

HI/POL 446 Modern Middle East


Education for Formation in Faith

RE 301 Jesus: God and Man

RE 308 Christian Ethics

RE 314 Hebrew Scriptures

RE 326 Christian Prayer

RE 338 Religion, Philosophy & Social Ethics

RE 346 Influential Women in Christianity

RE/NUR 371 Nursing: Ethics and Spirituality


Catholic Intellectual Tradition

RE 103 World Religions

RE 205 Christian God and Human Experience

RE 211 The Bible as Controversy



BU-471 Becoming a Data Jedi: Info Analytics

CAP 400 General Education Capstone

CIS 472 Cybersecurity Principles for a Changing World

COM 461 Storytelling: My Heroic Journey So Far

COM 462 Media Literacy for a Better World

ED 482 Making the World Better

EN 463 Movies That Matter: Worldly Doc Films

EN 497 Hawai'i Images and Stories

HI 405 African Americans and Racial Justice

POL 498 Why No Aliens? Humanity's Challenges

RE/PH/BI 488 Magic, Science, and Belief

RE 489 Faith Reason and Sustainable Creation