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Program Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Edelson

Program Mission:

The Interdisciplinary Studies major is ideal for students seeking a broad liberal education with an emphasis on two or three academic disciplines. This BA program offers extensive study in several fields of knowledge which have a close intellectual relationship and illuminate each other. This BA program offers an innovative and flexible way for transfer students to leverage previous coursework toward an original degree program designed around the student’s interests and abilities.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major offers extraordinary flexibility in the choice of areas of concentration.  The program is well-suited for a variety of students seeking a course of study that will, through clearly defined academic objectives, prepare them well for a rapidly changing work-force and world.  The guiding principle of this unique, personalized Bachelor’s Degree is that the student's education shall have intellectual coherence. 

Program Description:

The major in Interdisciplinary Studies is a BA program for students who wish to design an individualized program of study that spans a broad range of disciplines. In consultation with faculty advisors from two academic disciplines, the student will develop an integrated course of study to meet career, graduate school, or personal goals. Academic disciplines must be selected from the School of Humanities, Arts, and Design and at least one other School, selected from the following Chaminade Academic units:

School of Natural Science and Mathematics

School of Education and Behavioral Science

School of Business and Communication

School of Nursing and Health Professions

Graduate Education Paths and Career Options for Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities Graduates:

The Interdisciplinary Studies program is an excellent choice for students planning to pursue careers and graduate study in law, general business, equity and social justice, human services, and government service. This program also provides a pathway for students seeking careers in Education.

Program Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of the undergraduate B.A. program in Interdisciplinary Studies, students will be able to:

  1. Describe and explain how diverse methodologies specific to areas of study within the Humanities are effectively employed in the interpretation of texts or other cultural artifacts.

  2. Demonstrate and explicate critical reading, reasoning, and writing skills that contribute to the study of the Humanities as it relates to at least one other field of study

  3. Deploy and articulate an interdisciplinary approach to answering enduring questions through the practice of critical thinking and synthesizing information from a variety of academic and creative disciplines.

  4. Incorporate the Marianist tradition of educating for service, justice, and peace into a capstone project that is grounded in at least two academic disciplines.

Acquisition of Skills and Competencies for Program Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of major requirements guarantees that, at minimum, students will have mastered the skills and competencies listed in the previous section. Program Learning Outcomes are linked to the courses in the specific program of study developed by the faculty advisor and student. At the time of the development of a course of study, the faculty advisor will submit an assessment plan which integrates the shared program outcomes with the outcomes found in the area concentration within the degree. Students will be responsible for maintenance of a portfolio of individual work examples that are linked to the program outcomes as presented in the course of study that are consistent with their approved assessment plan. The Senior Thesis will be the primary assessment tool and intellectual product of the program.