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Dining Services

Tredtin Hall, (808) 739-4621

The Silversword Café

The Silversword Café is home to the freshest flavors on campus. We offer an exciting dining program for you. Daily breakfast, lunches, dinners, and our weekend brunches feature traditional “all-you-care-to-eat” meals, live cooking action, variety, value, and convenience at Tredtin Hall. Come and explore the wide variety of options at each meal for lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch. The Silversword Café is open to the entire campus community. Join us for our theme dining meals and special culinary events, we also provide catering services as well. The dining hall space is also open for campus community members who would like to utilize the space for studying or connecting with others without purchasing food. Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the space.

At The Silversword, you can pay with your weekly meal plan allowance, Aramark Debit Dollars, or you may pay with cash or credit card. Meal plan meals are non-transferable, and ID cards are necessary for admission if you are not paying with cash. Debit Dollars are available for everyone (students, faculty, and staff) to purchase online or through the University Business Office. We offer up to a 15 percent bonus on Debit Dollar purchases, depending on your investment in the plan. Debit Dollars can be added to your meal card at any time to supplement your meal plan. Debit Dollars and meal plans may be utilized in the Silversword Café and the P.O.D. Market during business hours, and at the Vicki Vending Machine.

For Silversword Cafe operating hours, please visit Please note that The Silversword Cafe is closed during Christmas, Spring, and Summer Breaks. See for any changes/updates to hours of operation.

The P.O.D. (Provisions on Demand) Market

Henry Hall Courtyard, (808) 739-8522

Come and enjoy your meals on our open-air patio. Try a classic sub sandwich or wrap from the popular P.O.D. Market featuring hot food items, gourmet sandwiches, and flavorful salads and side dishes. Wake up with a piping-hot cup of our gourmet coffee. We now offer a full breakfast menu daily and hot entrées at lunch and dinner. We feature convenient express grab-and-go bentos, musubis, salads, yogurt parfaits, and splashes of cool drinks to refresh you. The P.O.D. Market accepts cash, credit card, and Debit Dollars. Beginning fall 2024, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits will be accepted in the P.O.D.

For P.O.D. Market operating hours, please visit Please note that P.O.D. Market is closed on weekends and holidays and has an abbreviated schedule during Christmas, Spring, and Summer Breaks. See for any changes/updates to hours of operation.

Vicki Vending Machine

An Aramark Vicki vending machine is located in the foyer of Kieffer Hall, outside of the Graduate Student Lounge. This machine contains food items & beverages prepared by Aramark Dining Services. You can select drinks, fruit cups, sandwiches, salads, and other grab & go items.

Customers may open the Vicki machine to see the items inside. The machine is calibrated so that when items are moved around, the machine will charge for those products that have been removed. The machine accepts Aramark Debit Dollars, credit cards, or Tap-To-Pay including Apple Pay. 

The kiosk will automatically clean the items after each customer using UV-C sanitizing technology, destroying bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Meal Plan Basics

Meal plan information and Debit Dollars are available for purchase online and at the Chaminade Business Office. During the first two weeks of the semester, commuter students wanting to purchase meal plans and/or Debit Dollars may use their financial aid by purchasing plans through the Business Office. There are no exceptions to the “Room and Board” contract other than for specific dietary needs. The Dining Services Office will make the decision for exceptions in conjunction with the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students.

A signed meal plan voucher must be brought to the Dining Services cashier at the Silversword Café from the Business Office to activate and validate the dining portion of your ID card before use at any of the dining areas. Until a meal plan voucher is submitted to the Dining Services cashier at the Silversword Café, all transactions will require cash.

To utilize a Meal Plan and/or Debit Dollars, a Chaminade picture ID card is required (no exceptions). Visit Client Services for a Student ID card.

Meal plans are available to all members of the Chaminade community—resident students, commuting students, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff members. For faculty and staff, Chaminade ID cards are also required. All meal plans/Debit Dollars sales are final and non-refundable.

How to Use Your Meal Plan

  • The Meal Plan week begins with Sunday brunch and ends with Saturday dinner.

  • Any unused meals do not carry over to the following week. Meal Plans end each semester. Debit Dollars carry over from semester to semester but are non-refundable.

  • As a security measure for your protection, a valid Chaminade picture ID encoded with your meal plan information is required for all transactions without exception. Verbal verifications are not acceptable.

  • The meal card is valid for the card owner only. The Meal Plans are not subject to proxy or gift by proxy use.

  • Only one “All-You-Care-to-Eat” meal may be used per meal period. Computerized terminals at the Silversword Café and the P.O.D. Market will indicate violations.

  • Debit Dollars have no restrictions on their use. The meal plan is a contract for the semester.

  • Appropriate attire for the dining rooms—shirts, shoes, pants, skirts/dresses, or shorts—are required. Beachwear, bathing suits or bikinis, especially when wet or sandy, are inappropriate attire and are not allowed.

    Rowdiness or loud or offensive behavior, including profanity, will not be tolerated.

  • Our Dining Services staff is here to serve and help you. Please keep your interactions with the staff respectful at all times.

  • Reusable Container Take-out-program – each reusable to go container has a purchase price of $12, including replacements.  Upon each visit, please tell the cashier you would like your meal to-go and exchange your dirty container for a clean to-go box.  Only one to-go container per visit.  The to-go box must be fully closed when you leave.  No outside containers.

Special Diets

Notification by a certified medical doctor is required to receive consideration for special diet arrangements. If you need accommodations due to dietary restrictions, please contact staff in the Kokua Ike Learning Center

What Happens to Debit Dollars at the End of the Semester?

Unused Debit Dollars carry over from fall to spring semester if you remain on the same meal plan or upgrade. Debit Dollars are non-refundable and do not roll over to the following academic year (or summer).

Changing a Meal Plan

You have the opportunity to change your meal plan during the first week of the fall and/or spring semesters. To do so, go to the Chaminade Business Office and request a change. A new Meal Plan voucher will be issued, which must be presented to Chaminade Dining Services to re-encode your membership ID. Please note: Debit Dollars do not transfer from fall to spring if you downgrade your meal plan.

Residential Meal Plans

Residents from Hale Pohaku, Hale Lokelani, and Kieffer Hall are required to participate in a 10-meal + Debit Dollars, 14-meal + Debit Dollars, or unlimited meals + Debit Dollars plan. This is part of the contract as a condition of residing in these halls. Since the rooms do not have kitchens, no personal cooking is allowed in the residence halls for safety and sanitation reasons.

If no meal plan choice is made, students will automatically be placed on the 10 Meals per Week Meal Plan with $150 Debit Dollars plus two Guest meals. For specifics on meal plan options go to

Lost Meal Card Procedures

Report lost cards immediately to the Dining Services Office to prevent unauthorized use of the missing card. Go to Client Services for a replacement card. (There is a fee to replace an ID card.) Take your new card to the Silversword Café to be re- encoded with your meal plan information before using it in the dining areas. No ID card = no meal.