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Program Advisors: Dr. Mitch Yamasaki and Dr. Frank Bailey

The B.A. in Historical and Political Studies with an emphasis in History equips students with the knowledge, research experience, and analytical skills for entry into a wide range of graduate/professorial studies. It also prepares students for successful careers in research, education, law, international affairs, and public service. Historians are employed by universities, museums, archives, government agencies, public affairs organizations, and print/electronic media firms.

Above all, students develop an abiding appreciation for the knowledge of the past, as it is crucial to understanding and working with the challenges and opportunities that confront us today. For history major requirements and learning outcomes, please see Historical and Political Studies.

Program Assessment

  1. Individual Course Assessment is carried out at the major program level.

  2. Program student learning outcomes are assessed individually in specific course work (course student assessment tool based on the minor program will be given as part of the graduation clearance process.