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Hogan Entrepreneurial Program Requirements

The program includes both course work and additional activities to foster entrepreneurial thinking and skill development.

Academic Coursework in Entrepreneurship

ENT 301

ENT 302

For undergraduate students choosing to take more than one year of Hogan classes (OPTIONAL):

ENT 401

ENT 402

MBA students

MBA 701 or

MBA 740

Non-academic Activities (Co-curricular)

Wednesday Evening Speaker Series (Mandatory)
All Hogan students are required to attend Wednesday Evening Sessions to interact with guest entrepreneurs.

International Study Mission (Optional)
Students may be eligible to attend international trips to be exposed to business in a foreign culture. This is offered in the summer and may include trips to China, India, and other Asian countries.

Internship in Applied Entrepreneurship (Optional)
Students may participate in an internship of any duration, but not shorter than the equivalent of four weeks full time work. The internship exposes students to entrepreneurs and their day-to-day work. These are normally paid internships, and the internships are developed and selected by the staff of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program.

Community Service (Mandatory)
All students in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program serve at least 25 hours of community service locally during each year of their candidacy in the program. The areas of service are at the choice of the students and are approved in consultation with the program director to best leverage skills the students develop in the program.

Mentor Relationships (Optional)
All students are offered entrepreneurial mentors to provide advice and support in developing their entrepreneurial skills and interests.

Social Entrepreneurial Opportunities (Optional)
Student may participate in a variety of innovative Hogan activities designed to assist communities in which we operate. They include things such as: Non Profit Business Plan Competition, Workshop for the Homeless and others.

Program Eligibility and Candidate Selection
Students are eligible to apply for the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program if they will be juniors, seniors or a graduate student when they enter. Review of applications and the interview of applicants by the program director and selected members of the Hogan Entrepreneurs Advisory Board will take place early enough so that selected students can take advantage of early registration.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:
• A GPA of 3.0 or better and continuing performance at that level during time in the program
• A record of leadership or entrepreneurial roles and activities
• A personal orientation, which evidences creative thinking and the ability to thoughtfully consider the ethical dimensions of individual, group, and organizational action

The number of entering students is limited to about twenty-five each year.

Note: Some students are accepted as Adjunct Hogan Entrepreneurs if they qualify in all but the area of grade point average, or if they expect to be in the program for less than one year. Those without an adequate GPA will be accepted as regular Hogan Entrepreneurs and be eligible for a Hogan Certificate of Achievement when they attain an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.