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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the DNP program will:

1.      Knowledge for Nursing Practice: Integrate nursing science with knowledge from biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, ethics, and organizational sciences as the basis for advanced practice nursing using new approaches to care delivery.

2.      Systems-Based Practice, Quality and Safety: Create and lead high quality and safe nursing care in a complex global health care environment that supports service, justice, and peace.

3.      Scholarship for Nursing Practice: Create and disseminate knowledge in evidence-informed practice.

4.      Information Systems and Healthcare Technologies: Evaluate emerging technologies for their ability to improve health care outcomes and support adaptation and change.

5.      Person-Centered CareEvaluate health policy and advocate for social justice and access to health care especially for marginalized patients and families.

6.      Interprofessional Partnerships: Create collaborative interprofessional relationships to improve patient and population health outcomes.

7.      Population Health: Evaluate the social, cultural, environmental, and faith-based dimensions of population health in practice patterns/systems.

8.      Advanced Practice Nursing: Professionalism; Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development: Independently assess, diagnose, treat, and manage culturally diverse populations.