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HOLOcard Bus Pass Program
Business Office, Clarence T.C. Ching Hall, Room 110
(808) 735-4713

The HOLOcard is a discounted transportation pass that allows students to ride TheBus and the Honolulu Rail Transit during the term. The Business Office will issue the first card and load the semester value. Payment by credit or debit card can be done on the application. Payment by cash or check can be made when students pick up the HOLOcard at the Business Office. Students must bring their current Chaminade student ID when purchasing a HOLOcard at the Business Office. 

It is very important that each student register their card with HOLOcard. If the card is registered with HOLOcard and it gets lost or stolen, the card can be deactivated and the value can transfer to a replacement card. Blank replacement cards are available through the Chaminade Business Office for a $3 fee. 

If you are away from campus and your card gets lost or stolen, students may get a replacement card at Times Supermarket, Foodland, and 7-Eleven stores. 

If your card is not registered with HOLOcard and it gets lost or stolen, the replacement cost is $225. Chaminade University is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Do not puncture the card as it will damage the card and your ability to use it.

*Please note that the rates below are reduced due to a subsidy from the university.


FT DUG/Nursing Students

FT DUG/Nursing Students

Residing in waialae apartments

Validation Period

(Pass start & end dates)

Fall 2024



Aug 1st to Jan 15th

Spring 2025

$150 (rate subject to change)

$40 (rate subject to change)

Jan 1st to May 31st

Summer 2025



June 1st to Aug 31st

For more information about the HOLOcard, see the How to HOLO brochure or call (808) 768-4656.