General Education Requirements (Bachelor's Degree Seeking Students)

Foundation Skills (22-23 semester hours)
The foundational skills ensure that students meet the general competencies associated with written and oral communication, critical thinking, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and knowledge of beauty and creativity. These are the fundamental skills needed by students for successful careers, citizenship, and further educational endeavors.

The major and minor fields of study differ in mathematics requirements. Some majors require a single course; others require a sequence.

MA102 is a developmental mathematics course and does not satisfy the terminal mathematics requirement for any major at Chaminade either online or on-ground.

Track A: General Mathematics. Terminal Requirement: MA 100

This track will satisfy the requirements in most areas in Humanities and Social Sciences and provides a basis in symbolic reasoning essential to descriptions of relationships and patterns in nature. This track will satisfy the math prerequisite required for the baccalaureate degrees in Nursing, Criminology and Criminal Justice, English, Historical and Political Studies, Environmental + Interior Design, Psychology, Religious Studies, Environmental Studies and Social Studies. Consult specific program requirements.

Track B: Algebra preparation for non-science majors. Terminal Requirement: MA 103

This track will satisfy the math general education requirement for the baccalaureate degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Behavioral Sciences and Environmental Studies.

Track C: Early Childhood & Elementary Education. Terminal Requirement: MA 105

This track will satisfy the requirements for teaching of mathematics at the Early Childhood and Elementary Education level and provides a basis in symbolic reasoning essential to descriptions of relationships and patters in nature. Consult requirements for Education programs.

Track D: Calculus series for science majors. Terminal Requirement: MA 210 or MA331.

Students whose majors require this terminal course should follow a sequence of MA104, MA110, MA210. Environmental Science students may elect MA210 or MA331 as their terminal mathematics requirements.
MA210 will satisfy the general education mathematics requirement in Biology, Biochemistry, Data Science and Forensic Sciences. These majors require additional mathematics courses to graduate. In addition to MA210, MA 211 is required for Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry majors. In addition to MA210, MA211 or MA331 is required for Forensic Science students (students should consult their advisor to select the correct path based on career and graduate school planning). In addition to MA210, Data Science students are required to take MA331. Majors may have other mathematics or statistical requirements and students should consult the catalog.

Values (19 semester hours)
It is important that students leave Chaminade University with more than educational skills. Development of the whole person requires a values-based education. The Chaminade General Education program achieves this through six values based courses that intentionally align to the Marianist educational values and mission.

Capstone (3 semester hours)
The General Education capstone course enables students to solidify mastery of the foundational skills, Marianist and Native Hawaiian values and global awareness through a project based learning approach.

Core Curriculum Integrative Capstone (3 semester hours)

Total General Education Requirements: 44-45 semester hours