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Course Descriptions

Management (MGMT) Course Descriptions

MGT 301 Organizational Behavior (3)

This course introduces students to the fundamental issues in managing individuals and groups in organizations. Students will explore opportunities to apply course learning in their own organizational settings and to understand their personal theories of people at work. Topics include personality, culture, motivation, power, communication, decision-making, and group dynamics.
Prerequisites: BU 200, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 305 Management of Information Resources (3)

This course introduces students to the development and use of information resources for organizational decision-making. Topics include systems analysis, data communications, internet research, decision support systems, planning and implementing management information systems, and future trends in technology. Students design and operate a functional information system.
Prerequisites: BU 200, CIS 103, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 306 Management Human Resources (3)

This course provides an introduction to the field of human resource management. Students learn the implications of organizational behavior theory for the design of HR practices that facilitate employee performance and success. Topics include recruitment and selection, socialization, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, and the strategic use of HR in organizational operations.
Prerequisites: BU 200, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 311 Organizational Design (3)

This course examines the macro aspects of organizational effectiveness and the internal and environmental factors which shape organizational structures. Organizational design options and determinants are considered in the framework of systems theory. Practical applications emphasize understanding and developing structures that support.
Prerequisites: BU 200, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 312 Organizational Leadership (3)

This course explores traditional and transformational perspectives on leadership and identifies the tasks of leadership in complex organizations. The course provides an understanding of the challenges leaders face in successfully guiding people and systems. Special focus is given to the issue of change management and the leader as a change agent. Prerequisites: MGT 301, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 407 Operations Management (3)

This course examines how organizations manage the transformation of resources and materials into the goods and services they provide. Topics include operations strategies and procedures; production; quality management; productivity; location, layout, and capacity; and operations planning and scheduling.
Prerequisites: AC 201, EC 202, BU 324, FIN 301, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 420 Team Building and Process Management (3)

Effective teamwork depends on groups managing their work and members’ interactions successfully. This course focuses on constructing and managing “great groups” at work. The course provides an understanding of group composition and member diversity, goal setting, the establishment of process expectations, communication, and task coordination. Development and application of process skills are emphasized.
Prerequisites: MGT 301, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 421 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution (3)

Managers and professionals in all fields benefit from having the skills and perspective to respond to situations where the people involved have different goals, different strategies, or different styles. This course identifies methods and techniques for developing influence and persuading others in negotiations and dispute resolution. Emphasis is placed on skill-building to manage interpersonal differences and improve the quality of relationships.
Prerequisites: MGT 301, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 422 Professional Development for Managers (3)

Charting a management career presents many challenges. New skills are needed, personal demands are heightened, and work/life balance can seem impossible. This course provides a laboratory for examining the abilities, perspectives, and self-knowledge needed for personal and professional effectiveness in a managerial career. Experiential learning and reflection provide the basis for enhancing self-management skills and personal empowerment at work.
Prerequisites: MGT 301, BU 308, EN 102, COM 101

MGT 425 Strategic Project Management (3)

This capstone course for management majors provides students the opportunity to integrate the knowledge gained in their management course work to effectively engage the tasks of project management. The course provides hands-on learning that prepares students to develop project planning and oversight systems, identify and implement best practices, and establish measurable linkages between an individual project and organizational strategy and objectives.
Prerequisites: MGT 305, BU 308, MGT 311, MGT 420, senior standing, EN 102, COM 101