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Arts Minor

The Arts Minor is an interdisciplinary program that invites students to develop creative problem solving skills through study of the connections between visual, interactive, and performing arts as well as diverse disciplines such as design, psychology, and science. Students build a solid academic foundation in various art forms, developing their creative capacity and expressiveness in a number of cultural, social, and environmental contexts. 





AR 100-199

100 level courses


AR 200-299

200 level courses


AR 300-499

300-400 level courses


Minor requirements: 12 semester hour credits of Arts courses chosen with the approval of the discipline coordinator.

Upon completion of the Art minor, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate confidence and skill in the application of their personal creativity and perspective in various art projects

  2. Articulate conceptual understanding of various art forms, using different mediums and techniques

  3. Develop an understanding of how to solve problems from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives 

  4. Explore challenges and creative solutions during the art-making process rather than focusing merely on the finished product

  5. Apply knowledge from arts to the understanding of human cultural, social, and environmental changes that enriches their lives for oneself, the community and the world