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Program Advisors: Dr. Christopher A. McNally, Professor of Political Economy; Dcn. Mike E. Weaver, Lecturer, Historical and Political Studies

International Studies Mission Statement

A B.A. degree in International Studies builds an international perspective that enables students to better understand the interconnected world we live in. It develops and enhances the student’s capacity to examine how political systems and governing policies around the world function and interact. Students therefore learn to think comprehensively, creatively, and critically about major global issues in politics, governance, social justice, development, finance, political economy, and the environment. In each student’s final capstone project an individually chosen topic allows them to independently investigate best practices that can help humanity better face the rapidly mounting challenges of the early 21st Century.

Career Options and Graduate Education Paths for International Studies Graduates:

International Studies graduates face an expanding roster of career choices. They acquire soft skills that are easily transferable, meaning they can be applied in diverse aspects of life and work, often going beyond international relations. Especially the ability to adapt and change – a Marianist value – enables students to reach top-notch global awareness, cross-cultural flexibility, and critical thinking and problem-solving proficiencies. This sort of foundation opens up opportunities in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. The most prominent careers are related to government and politics, but also can be found in NGOs and the private sector spanning diplomacy, business, technology, law, education, environment, and media. All of these potential employers are increasingly looking for trained international affairs professionals that can analyze, assess, and manage global undertakings. The International Studies program further prepares students for graduate studies in various disciplines ranging from business and education to political science, law, and international diplomacy.

Program Description:

As global societies have become ever more closely intertwined, the world’s politics are growing more chaotic and unpredictable. The rapid advance of technology is accelerating these trends, both empowering us with all the world’s information at our fingertips, but also creating cultural silos that are undermining common considerations. Ultimately, every major challenge facing humanity in the 21st Century requires global solutions powered by cross-cultural leaders that are able to adapt and change. Chaminade’s interdisciplinary program in International Studies revolves around recognizing, evaluating, and interpreting contemporary global political, economic, and socio-cultural developments, including changing conceptions of society, justice, and equality.