International Studies

Program Advisors:

Dr. Christopher A. McNally, Professor of Political Economy;

Dr. Caryn Callahan, Professor of Finance and International Business

Program Description:

This interdisciplinary program revolves around the study of contemporary global political, economic, and socio-cultural

conditions. Students who major in International Studies will follow one of two concentrations. The International Relations concentration emphasizes the study of international relations, including such issues as history, politics, political economy and the environment. The International Trade concentration focuses on the study of global economics and finance, with special consideration accorded to international trade and commerce, as well as the theories and norms that regulate them.

Program Mission:

This interdisciplinary program develops and enhances the student’s capacity to think comprehensively, creatively, and critically about such issues as commerce, finance, governance, social justice, development and political economy, and the environment within the context of the relations among states and international institutions, regimes, and norms.

Graduate Education Paths and Career Options for International Studies Graduates:

The program’s primary practical application is to prepare students for graduate studies in the disciplines of Business,

Economics, History, and Political Science, as well as careers in the fields of international trade and business and international affairs (e.g., diplomacy, NGO work, etc.).

Degree Programs