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Computer Science Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the undergraduate B.S. program in Computer Science, students will:

  1. Identify, describe, and execute foundational computer organization and architecture, operating systems, computer networks and management, information systems, database systems, software engineering, and programming; 

  2. Describe and apply foundational mathematical concepts and operations towards design, development, and analysis of applications; 

  3. Identify and apply programming tools such as Python, Java, R, and SQL languages towards application design and development;

  4. Evaluate and integrate an awareness of regulatory, ethical issues, and collective standards to positively influence the application of computer science to service, justice, and peace in working towards solutions for societal problems and opportunities;

  5. Identify and apply awareness of technological changes to positively influence adaption and change of computer science methods;

  6. Explain, plan, and execute computer science tasks within multidisciplinary teams;

  7. Execute a domain-specific capstone project addressing a stakeholder-generated use case.