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One Year MBA Program (MBA) Learning Outcomes

Upon Completion of the one year MBA a student in program will be skilled in core business areas as illustrated by their ability to:

  1. Select, analyze and evaluate financial data to propose key strategic management decisions.

  2. Analyze and evaluate organizational human resource environments and elements in order to develop leadership decisions that facilitate accomplishment of organizational objectives.

  3. Collect, analyze and evaluate economic data to formulate optimal strategic management decisions.

  4. Collect, analyze and evaluate marketing information to create effective plans for value creation.

  5. Create strategic plans by analyzing, selecting, synthesizing information from diverse functional information sets.  

  6. Students will create and deliver professional business reports through multiple communication modalities (written, oral and digital).

  7. Students will evaluate organizational decision making in light of social and environmental impact, social justice and the flourishing of society within the Marianist education framework.