Bachelor of Science in Special Education 3 + 1 Program for Leeward Community College (K-12, PK-3, K-6, 6-12) (Online Undergraduate )

Students transferring from Leeward Community College will have completed a prescribed set of courses totaling 90 credits before transferring to Chaminade. During their senior year at Chaminade, students in this program will complete 33 credits which includes 18 credits in their major and 15 credits of upper division coursework. This will be a cohort program run through the Online Undergraduate program and is delivered online. Graduates of this program can be licensed to teach Special Education K-12, PK-3, K-6, or 6-12.

  • Major Requirements to be taken at Chaminade: Upper Division Outside of Major (9 credits); Interdisciplinary Course (3 credits); 300 level Religion Course (3 credits); ED 405 (3 credits); ED 465 (3 credits); ED 490: Student Teaching Seminar (3 credits); ED 468: Student Teaching SPED (9 credits); Meet content knowledge requirement through passing scores for Praxis II or subject-credit eligibility requirements per HTSB guidelines.