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Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) Overview

Our interdisciplinary program is geared toward professionals across various sectors, with a student-centered focus that puts you in the driver’s seat of your educational journey. With our faculty members as mentors, you’ll be challenged to lead for today and into the future, ready to adapt to ever-evolving organizational environments.


Educational Leadership The Educational Leadership concentration prepares experienced education professionals for administrative positions in K-12 or higher education. This concentration provides a practical and dynamic setting to develop action-oriented leaders that can create person-centered learning communities and promote social justice and positive change.

Indigenous Leadership The Indigenous Leadership concentration focuses on preparing leaders within indigenous populations, particularly Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders.

Organization Development The Organization Development concentration offers an interdisciplinary approach for professionals across business, healthcare, nonprofit and public sectors, who are seeking to drive positive change and transform organizations for success.

Sustainability Leadership The Sustainability Leadership concentration offers a multi-dimensional approach for professionals interested in developing new skills and expanding their knowledge in innovating, organizing and leading organization development to achieve sustainability in a rapidly changing world.