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Program Advisor: Dr. Darren Iwamoto
Faculty:  Dr. Dale Fryxell, Dr. Abby Halston, Dr. Blendine Hawkins, Dr. Silvia Koch, Dr. Robert Santee, and Dr. Tracy Trevorrow

Psychology Mission Statement

The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology is designed to educate, within the context of Marianist educational values, students in both theoretical and applied aspects of Psychology for the purpose of assisting them in adapting in various, interrelated environments.

Psychology is the scientific study of how people think, feel and act as individuals and groups within a variety of interrelated environments. The Psychology program is student centered with the focus on the education of the whole person integrating cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual aspects within social contexts. Distinguishing features of the Psychology program are students from multi-cultural perspectives, dynamic and compassionate faculty, encouragement of self-awareness and exploration toward a deeper understanding of self, Asian perspective in Psychology, and fostering of the application of Psychology to the self and others in the global community.