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Business Administration Program Advisors: Dr. Maria Brownlow, Dr. Caryn Callahan, Dr. Pamela Estell, Dr. Wendy Lam, Wera Panow-Loui, and Dr. Eduard Merc
Economics Program Advisor: Dr. Guanlin Gao

Business Mission Statement

Our mission in providing undergraduate business programs at Chaminade is to prepare students to enter careers in industry, government, and not-for-profit organizations. These graduates will integrate into businesses in Hawaii as competent employees who are able to contribute to their organization’s success and to the community good.

Students hone their skills to work with others effectively in professional settings and become skilled in technology use and information resources to make organizationally sound and socially responsible decisions at work. Business students gain an understanding of the functions that make organizations run effectively (accounting, finance, marketing) as well as the composition (structure and culture) and processes (operations and strategic management) of organizations that facilitate their success. Students broaden their awareness of the economic, social, and political issues that impact how business is conducted and prepare for careers in business generally (or in the accounting field, depending on the choice of major.) Service-Learning is built into the business curriculum, giving students multiple opportunities during their course of study to apply classroom topics to real-world situations. This includes structured means for reflection on the service experience and helps to foster civic and corporate responsibility.

The programs are practice-oriented, focused on providing knowledge and skills essential for working in real-world organizations. Opportunities for hands-on learning are provided through “living” case studies, internships, community-based service projects, and involvement with professional associations. Additionally, the business programs augment students’ technical knowledge with the professional abilities needed for standout job performance and career advancement. Business course work builds on the liberal arts core curriculum to further skills in critical thinking, using theory for taking action, and communicating with impact. The programs actively engage Marianist values that prepare students to lead with integrity and meaningfully contribute to their organizations nestled within communities. Outstanding graduates may complete their MBA at Chaminade with an additional year of full-time study beyond the bachelor’s degree.


Chaminade offers the following degree programs in Business in the Undergraduate Program. Click to visit:




The University also offers a business-related major in International Studies with a focus on Trade and Finance (details of this program are found in the International Studies listing in this catalog).