Performing Arts Minor

Program Structure:

The minor requires 15 upper division credits, made up of 12 credits of applied Music and/or Theatre Production courses, and three credits of either THR 490 or MU 490, the capstone courses for the minor.

Pre-minor requirements: PAR 208, PAR 210, or PAR 230 (3 credits); and a minimum of three credits from MU or THR lower division production courses which are the prerequisites for 300-level production courses. The Program Advisors may waive the pre-minor requirements based on student experience and abilities.

Minor Requirements:

Applied Music and/or Theatre Production (12 upper division credits):

The student will select any combination of 12 upper division credits from the Music and Theatre production or individualized instruction courses chosen from THR 305, 320, 325, 330, 405, 420, or 425 and MU 325, 350, 351, 362, 385, 425, 450, 451, 462, or 485.

Music or Theatre Capstone Course (2 credits)

Select one course from MU 490 or THR 490. All individualized performance courses have an individualized performance course fee requirement. The capstone courses are exempt from this fee.

Upon completion of the Performing Arts minor, students will be able to:

  1. Develop a written critique of a live performance that demonstrates application of the rules for criticism in the performing arts.

  2. Define and apply terminology and techniques used in the performing arts in a written or oral presentation.

  3. Interpret and articulate the history and development of the performing arts, particularly development of specific art forms, styles, and genres.