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Religious Studies Requirements

Pre-major and pre-minor requirements (9 credits):
RE 103 and either RE 205 or RE 211; one 100-level Philosophy course. All must be passed with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better.

Major Program of Study: Christian Studies
The Christian Studies concentration requires 27 semester credits to include:


RE 301


Christian Ethics

RE 308



RE 314

RE 315



RE 324 or

RE 326

RE 346



RE 357, RE 359, RE 365,

RE 450, RE 455, RE 460,

RE 461, RE 469, RE 471,

or RE 472



RE 390 or

RE 490



upper division with a Christian Studies emphasis


Adult Faith Formation

We recommend that students wishing to appropriate an adult appreciation of their Catholic faith take the following courses as part of their faith journey: RE 301 Jesus, God and Man; RE 314 Hebrew Scriptures; RE 315 Christian Scriptures; RE 324 Sexuality in Christian Life; and RE 326 Christian Prayer. Accompanied by active involvement in service and liturgical opportunities, participation with Campus Ministry and their local parishes, these courses will provide the student with the knowledge and experiences that nurture an informed and committed adult faith life.

Graduate Work and Philosophy

Students who intend to go on to graduate studies in Theology or Religious Studies are generally required to have a minimum of 12 credits of 300-level philosophy that includes courses that cover the traditional fields of epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, and some acquaintance with Catholic/Christian philosophers. Please consult your major/minor advisor for guidance on appropriate courses offered at Chaminade University.

Seeking a Waiver of Course Prerequisite

In individual cases and for appropriate reasons, instructors of 300-level courses may request permission to waive prerequisites for their courses. Students must obtain the appropriate form, have it signed by the instructor, division dean, and the Provost.