Credit Hour Policy

The unit of semester credit is defined as university-level credit that is awarded for the completion of coursework. One credit hour reflects the amount of work represented in the intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement for those learning outcomes. Each credit hour earned at Chaminade University should result in 37.5 hours of engagement. For example, in a one credit hour traditional face to face course, students spend 50 minutes in class per week for 15 weeks, resulting in a minimum of 12.5 instructional hours for the semester. Students are expected to engage in reading and other assignments outside of class for at least 2 additional hours per week, which equals an additional 25 hours. These two sums result in total student engagement time of 37.5 hours for the course, the total engagement time expected for each one credit course at Chaminade.

The minimum 37.5 hours of engagement per credit hour can be satisfied in fully online, internship, or other specialized courses through several means, including (a) regular online instruction or interaction with the faculty member and fellow students and (b) academic engagement through extensive reading, research, online discussion, online quizzes or exams; instruction, collaborative group work, internships, laboratory work, practica, studio work, and preparation of papers, presentations, or other forms of assessment. This policy is in accordance with federal regulations and regional accrediting agencies.