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Leave of Absence

When circumstances require that a student interrupt his/her studies for two or more consecutive terms, the student must request a formal leave of absence from the program. The student must complete and submit the Leave of Absence form to their advisor or Program Director for approval. The student will be notified in writing of the decision. The student must notify the program office two months prior to resuming their studies to reactivate their records and schedule a meeting with their advisor. The time away from the program does not extend the maximum time frame of five years to complete the degree.

With approval, students are given up to 12 months or four consecutive terms leave of absence. An absence longer than 12 months will require the student to reapply. If readmitted, the student must fulfill any additional requirements of the new program. Re-admission includes: the online application, application fee, and two letters of recommendation.

If a formal leave of absence is not submitted, and the student wishes to resume the program after not taking classes for two or more consecutive terms, the student must reapply to the program following all application procedures.