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The Graduate program on and off campus consists of four accelerated semester of approximately 10 weeks each, beginning in January, April, July, and October.

Prior to each semester or term, a schedule of courses is published listing the instructor and time for courses offered. Some course offerings lend themselves to intensive study and may be scheduled within two, three, or four week periods. All regular courses meet for an equivalent of 15 class hours per credit and laboratory sections meet for 45 hours per credit.

The standard for one credit hour is four hours per week, consisting of one hour of lecture and three hours of study or three hours of laboratory. Therefore, a three-credit course would normally require twelve hours of effort per week for the standard 15-week period, three hours of lecture, and nine hours of study. Courses offered in accelerated terms and online require the same level of student effort.

Course Load

Generally two courses, 6 credit hours, each 10 week term is a full course load and is considered the maximum. For financial aid purposes, student teaching and some full-time internships are considered full-time regardless of credit load. Because of the accelerated nature of Chaminade graduate terms, students need to realize the demanding nature of course work and adjust employment responsibilities accordingly.

If a graduate student desires to take more than 6 credits per term, a written request must be submitted to the appropriate Program Director for approval.


Full-time is considered to be 6 credits per 10 week term, or 9 credits per 15 week term.


Part-time is considered to be less than 6 credits per 10 week term, or less than 9 credits per 15 week term.

International Student Services

This University is responsible to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for meeting reporting requirements every semester regarding non-immigrant students attending Chaminade University. For this purpose, all students who fall under this classification are required to submit during registration a copy of the I-20 form, which is considered a permanent record to be used for all USCIS official transactions and for subsequent re-entries to the United States.

To maintain student visa status while in the United States, all international students must:
1. Have a valid passport
2. Attend the school that the student is authorized to attend
3. Carry the equivalent of a full course study of at least 6 credits per term for graduate students
4. Apply for extension of stay when necessary
5. Obtain prior approval each time the student leaves to travel outside of the United States from the Enrollment Specialist 6. Follow procedures to continue from one education level to another and/or transfer
7. Obtain authorization prior to accepting any employment 8. Report immediately any change of residence to the Enrollment Specialist.

Once enrolled, all concerns having to do within immigration and other legal matters should be directed to the Enrollment Specialist. For other concerns, such as adjustment and cultural issues, assistance is available through the Student Affairs Division.

Individualized Study
An Individualized Study is an existing, approved course offered by a faculty member for one student. The material covered in the Individualized Study is identical to that covered in the course when it is presented in the traditional manner. A student may request an Individualized Study only when there is a need to fulfill graduation requirements and the course is not offered in the regular schedule due to insufficient enrollment or other extenuating circumstances. An Individualized Study must have the approval of the Provost.

Directed Study
A Directed Study is study of or research on a topic of special interest to the student electing the directed study. A faculty member in the appropriate discipline who agrees to be the student’s mentor in the work is the director of the study. The material cover in a directed study is not covered by any existing, approved course. The Provost must approve a directed study.