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Classroom Policies

While each instructor has their own policies regarding classroom conduct and requirements, the following University policies apply to all classes:

• Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all classrooms, whether or not class is in session.
•No pets are allowed in class. Exceptions will be made in the case of a seeing-eye dog.
• Radio, CD players, headsets, televisions, and other personal audiovisual equipment not pertinent to the class are prohibited during class.
• Cellular telephone use is also prohibited during class except in extenuating circumstances approved in advance by the professor.
• The use of any camera or video devices while in class, restrooms, locker rooms, or in any situation not normally considered public or where users of the facility may reasonably expect privacy is prohibited. Such devices shall include but are not limited to those in mobile telephones, computers, electronic organizers, or other more surreptitious equipment, and which are capable of capturing either still or moving images.
• A dress code requiring footwear and appropriate attire, to be worn in classrooms, as well as in the library, cafeteria, and administrative offices. No beachwear is allowed.

Laboratories have additional requirements. Please note that it is the instructor’s sole prerogative to determine whether a student is:
• In a fit condition to perform classroom work (e.g., is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and is not sleeping).
• Working on assignments for that particular class (rather than working on projects for other classes or engaging in activity unrelated to school work).
• Distracting other students as to impair the learning environment.

If the instructor finds a student in violation of any of these provisions, or the policies outlines in the course syllabus, he or she may require the student to leave the classroom and may subsequently mark the student absent, which could eventually affect the student’s final grade. Failure on the part of the student to honor the instructor’s request to leave the classroom may result in removal of the student by the University security personnel and initiation of the University disciplinary process.