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Teach Out Plan

In the event that one of Chaminade’s degree programs is suspended or cancelled, the University will take the following steps:
• All students enrolled in the program will be notified via email that the program has been terminated. In the case of undergraduate day programs, classes will be offered for three years or six semesters allowing students the opportunity to complete the program. In the case of the Flex program, classes will be offered for two years or eight terms allowing current students the opportunity to complete the program.
• Program coordinators in conversation with the student will complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that ensures the student has every opportunity to complete a degree. The MOU will be signed by both the student and program coordinator.
• Program coordinators will develop a schedule indicating which courses need to be offered over the teach-out period and when those courses will be offered. Again, both via email and mail the students will be notified of this schedule.
• If a student is unable to complete the program within the time frame outlined in the MOU and provides acceptable documentation of mitigating circumstances, the program coordinator, the program dean, and the Provost will decide if there is any possible way to help the student achieve their degree. This is done on a case-by-case basis.