Course Numbering System

The following summarizes the number system:

Course Numbers Less than 100
Pre-college level, designed to support underprepared students and prepare them to succeed at college level courses. Available to those conditionally admitted to the University.

Course Numbers 100 to 299
Lower division level, designed specifically for Freshman or Sophomores. Available to any student; normally for Freshman and Sophomores.

Course Numbers 300 to 499
Upper level courses, designed for Juniors and Seniors. Must have completed both English 102 (EN-102) and Communication 101 (COM-101) with a C or better in order to register for any upper level course. Normally available to Juniors and Seniors.

Course Numbers 500 or above
Graduate level courses. Students must have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and be admitted to a program.