Fulfilling Multiple Requirements

Using a single course to fulfill more than one requirement
The following policies address if a single course is permitted or prohibited to fulfill more than one requirement.

Lower Division Courses and Major/Minor Prerequisites
Chaminade’s general education requires a variety of lower level courses. In some cases more than one course fulfills the requirement. In such a case the major and/or minor fields of study may specify an option as a prerequisite and it fulfills both the pre-major/minor requirement and the core curriculum requirement. Example: The Environmental + Interior Design Major may specify AR 201 Survey of Art I, or AR 202 Survey of Art II as a pre-major requirement. Students who take this course will also fulfill the three hours of the Fine Arts requirement.

Upper Division Courses and Major/Minor Requirements
It is likely that certain courses required for a particular major will also satisfy a general education requirement. Students may use such classes as requirements for their general education in addition to major or minor requirements.