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Letter grades are given in all courses except those conducted on a credit/no credit basis. Grades are calculated from the student’s daily work, class participation, quizzes, tests, term papers, reports and the final examination. They are interpreted as follows:




Outstanding scholarship and an unusual degree of intellectual initiative


Superior work done in a consistent and intellectual manner


Average grade indicating a competent grasp of subject matter


Inferior work of the lowest passing grade, no satisfactory for fulfillment of prerequisite course work


Failed to grasp the minimum subject matter; no credit given


Withdrawal before published deadline


Issuance is not automatic. At the request of the student, followed by the approval of the faculty member, a grade of "I" may be assigned to those who have successfully completed, with at least a passing grade, a majority of the work of the course and who has an unavoidable and compelling reason why the remainder of the work cannot be completed on schedule.


In progress; primarily used for thesis completion or practicum completion






No credit

*Incomplete Coursework
A student in good standing in a course, may petition to the instructor for an “I” grade. This grade is appropriate only if extraordinary conditions beyond the control of the student have led to an inability to complete course requirements. When submitting a grade, the “I” must be accompanied by the alternative grade that will be automatically assigned after 30 days. These include, IB, IC, ID and IF. If only an “I” is submitted, the default grade is F. The completion of the work, evaluation, and reporting of the final grade is due within 30 days after the end of the term. The time limit may extend under exceptional circumstances with approval. Any student who has incomplete grades into the next semester will be required to review their course schedule with the Office of Student Success before the end of the drop/add period.

This option indicates that the student has registered to audit the course. No credit hours or quality points are awarded. Any course taken for audit may be be retaken for credit.

***Credit/No Credit
The credit/no credit option enables students to elect courses of interest without grade penalty. This option applies only to elective courses. General education requirements may not be fulfilled by courses taken credit/no credit. Some major requirements are delivered as credit/no credit. In cases such as required practicum and these courses that are usually graded credit/no credit, a student may request to be graded. This option is allowed if the student requests the graded option prior to taking the class and the teacher responsible for the grade agrees to the student proposal. One course per semester may be elected on credit/no credit for a maximum of eight courses. This election is an addition to courses where only that option is available. Since credit will be given for the lower passing grade of D, most institutions will not accept these courses taken on credit/no credit on transfer. The deadline for applying for the credit/no credit option is listed in the University Calendar. Instructors are not notified when a student has exercised this option.

Grades will be made available online at Chaminade’s website,, at the end of each semester or completion of a Flex course. Questions about a particular grade should be addressed to the instructor. Any suspected error in the grade should be reported to the Records Office as soon as possible. The time limit for any grade change is six months from the end of the semester. Each semester hour for which an A is earned carries four grade points; a B carries three grade points; a C carries two grade points; and a D carries one grade point.

The student’s academic standing is indicated by a grade point average, determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credit hours the student has attempted at Chaminade. Courses taken on a Credit/No Credit basis are not included in the grade point average computation. If a course is repeated to improve a grade, the highest grade is used in calculating the grade point average.

A student may repeat a course regardless of the previous grade(s) received. All grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript. The best grade will be used in computing the grade point average. Credit is awarded only once. The Credit/No Credit option is not allowed for repeated courses.