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Leave of Absence

What is a leave of absence?

Chaminade University uses the term Leave of Absence (LOA) when a student needs to take a short-term leave from the university. LOA means that the student will not be enrolled in courses for the entirety of an academic semester at Chaminade or any other higher education institution. Specific programs may have additional requirements and all LOA requests require an approval process. 

Who is eligible for a leave of absence? 

Day undergraduate and Flex students who have completed at least one academic semester. The LOA form is not required for summer terms.

Leave of Absence Conditions

  • LOA must be submitted prior to the add/drop date (listed in the Academic Calendar) of the term the student plans to take their leave. 

  • A student can take a LOA for up to 2 semesters without having to apply for readmission.

  • Students on a leave of absence should not take courses at another institution. If a student does complete coursework at another institution during their leave, the leave of absence will become void and the student will need to apply for readmission. 

  • Students who do not re-enroll for the approved semester of return must reapply for admission and will be subject to the newer program/graduation requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

  • Approved LOA will allow the student to retain access to Self-Service and their institutional email accounts, maintain their current academic standing, and be allowed to register based on their current classification standing.

Financial Aid & Scholarships 

Students must meet with the Financial Aid office prior to submitting their LOA request.


Students living in on-campus housing have year long housing agreements (fall and spring). Students planning to take a leave of absence will also need to submit a Request for Release from University Housing Agreement. Please contact Residence Life for more information.

International Students

International students must meet with the Assistant Registrar prior to submitting their LOA request.

Degree and graduation requirements

  • The degree requirements applicable to the student’s declared major will not change due to the student’s LOA. Nevertheless, there are circumstances when the degree requirements or program offerings will change while the student is on leave. Students should consult with their academic advisors upon return. 

  • All degree requirements must be completed within the Time Limit on Completion of Degrees policy, regardless of an approved LOA. 

Leave of absence process

Students must complete the LOA form available on the Student Portal.