Any withdrawal or change of a course must be processed through an official form request in the Office of Student Success.

Withdrawal from a single course

During the add/drop period, no signatures or permission is required to drop a course. It is encouraged that the student meets with their academic advisor during this period to ensure any changes will not affect their academic progression. 

During the WNR period (withdraw no record), the student may withdraw from a course but tuition and fees will not be refunded for single course withdrawals occurring after the last day to add/drop without fee for the term. These dates are listed on the Academic Calendar. If the student withdraws by this date, the course does not appear on the student’s official transcript. If the student does not wish to continue a course after the add/drop period, the student must withdraw from the course by obtaining the academic advisor's signature.

During the “W” period, the student may withdraw from a course with the approval of the instructor and academic advisor. The “W” mark will appear on the student’s official transcript.

Instructor Withdrawal

Students who miss two consecutive weeks of class, prior to the “W” period or non-attendance the first two weeks of the term, must be reported to the Office of Student Success for intervention and removal from the course.

Full Withdrawal

When a student decides to leave the University, students must complete the Non-Returning Student Form. This initiates the exit interview process with the Dean of Students. It is the responsibility of the student withdrawing from all courses to contact their academic advisor to begin the process of dropped courses. The official withdrawal date is determined by the student’s contact with their academic advisor. Lack of proper withdrawal may also result in financial aid credits reversed according to federal regulations.

University Administration Withdrawal

If the instructor confirms that the student is not academically engaged in a course by the fourth week of class, the person claiming the federal tax deduction, if known, will be notified of the situation. If the situation is not resolved by the end of the fifth week, the student will be administratively removed from the class. Please note that this will have the same effect on financial aid as a voluntary withdrawal. 

Medical Withdrawal 

Medical withdrawals from the University are intended to allow a student sufficient time away from campus for a sustained recovery and/or stability and for activities that contribute to a successful return.

A student may request and be considered for a medical withdrawal from the University due to physical and/or mental health reasons from the University during any period in an enrolled semester when a condition prevents a student from continuing his/her studies. If approved, a complete withdrawal is granted for a minimum of one full semester or term. A student who medically withdraws in good standing will be re-admitted following the procedures below with the approval of the Dean of Students. The student must complete and submit a Withdrawal from the University form, to be approved by the Dean of Students. Please note that the medical withdrawal process does not dismiss/waive any legal, disciplinary, housing, meal plan, or other student responsibilities to the university.

Undergraduate and graduate students receiving any financial aid or scholarships should consult with staff in the Office of Financial Aid about the potential financial impact of withdrawing.


Documentation of the serious nature of the medical and/or mental health condition must be provided to the Dean of Students from a licensed or board certified physician, psychologist, and/or psychiatrist. This assessment or letter must support the student’s claim that the medical/mental health condition precludes class attendance and performance of academic work.

Documentation must be dated concurrent with the semester in which the Medical Withdrawal is being requested. When it is for a mental health reason, a recommendation from Chaminade University’s Counseling Center may also be required by the Dean of Students.

To be considered for a medical withdrawal, a student must submit all required documentation within 30 days of the original request.

If a medical withdrawal is granted before the end of add/drop and/or withdrawal periods, the course withdrawal policy will apply. If the medical withdrawal occurs past the withdrawal period, a W will be recorded unless the student is willing and able to negotiate completing the courses using another modality such as online courses.

Financial Implications

Room and board refunds for Medical Withdrawals during the semester will be in accordance to the University’s Refund Policy listed in the Student Handbook. Fees are non-refundable per University policy.

Exceptions to the Refund Policy will be assessed and a decision may by Dean of students in consultation with the Financial Aid and Business Offices. No tuition refunds will be granted if the student earns any amount of credit(s) for the semester.

Re-admission Process

The student must apply for re-admission through the Office of the Dean of Students. The student must submit a completed Medical Leave Re-admission Packet or other required documentation as stated in the letter to the student upon withdrawal. The Packet can be obtained through the Office of the Dean of Students and contains the following:

1. Student Questionnaire which must be completed by the student and submitted to the Dean of Students.

2. Healthcare Provider Report which must be completed by and received directly from a licensed or board certified physician, psychiatrist, and/or psychologist 30 prior to the student’s/client’s requested re-entry date to the University