Experiential Honors Program

At Chaminade, we believe those words—written by celebrated Marianist educator Father Domingo Lazaro more than a century ago—stand true today. In fact, Chaminade’s Experiential Honors Program, debuting in 2020, was built on the theory that hands-on learning, with real-world experiences that challenge and inspire, are the lessons we truly grow from.

And that goes for all types of learning, including learning to be an environmental policy ambassador, an entrepreneur, a healthcare innovator or a civic leader— the four Experiential Honors tracks we offer exceptional students who are selected for this competitive, space-limited program based on their strong academic and extracurricular records.

4 Honors tracks, 1 honors program

Environmental Sustainability: Ambassadors track

Hogan Entrepreneurship: Fellows track

Healthcare Innovation: Scholars track

Civic Leadership: Advocates track

This honors program is about helping students to make positive change in the world. Our dynamic, interdisciplinary curriculum ensures you’ll be putting your learning into action with:

  • Field experiences and rigorous research projects

  • Fully sponsored study trips overseas meant to broaden your perspectives

  • Mentorships and collaborations with leading experts, community stakeholders and senior executives

  • Priority registration to ensure your schedule allows for optimal planning of your coursework

  • A dedicated academic advisor and career development mentor