Service Learning

Service-Learning is an important component of the University curriculum, as it is a strategy for teaching and learning through active participation in meaningful community service. It integrates classroom instruction with reflection on the service, enriching the learning experience.

At Chaminade, Service Learning is:
- Thoughtfully organized to address true needs in the community
- Offered through specific courses
- Integrated into the academic curriculum of a course, illuminating the practical applications of the material
- Includes structured means for reflection on the service experience
- Encourages active student involvement in the learning process
- Includes 10+ service hours, although grades/course points should be earned for the learning demonstrated through reflection (not simply for hours served)


Service-Learning helps to bridge the “real world” and the classroom. Research shows that service-learning is effective; it helps improve students’ grades, test scores, attendance, and self-confidence. It builds critical thinking and communication skills and fosters civic engagement while allowing students to test and apply what they are learning in the classroom.

 Service-Learning is Chaminade’s Mission Statement in action!  At its heart are all of our Marianist values.

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