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Tuition Charges


Full-time Day per Semester (12 - 19 credits)


Part-time Day per SCH (1-11 or 20 + credits)

$996/credit hour

Part-time SUMMER day per SCH

$625/credit hour

Credit by Examination


Credit Granted for Experiential Learning


Independent/Individualized Studies

$996/credit hour

Flex Undergraduate - Military Active Duty

$250/credit hour

Flex Undergraduate - Military Non-Active & DoD ID & VA per SCH

$435/credit hour

Flex Undergraduate - Other

$585/credit hour

Flex Undergraduate - BOH

$468/credit hour

Auditing course and any level

 50% rate 

Nursing Program - Full Day per Semester (12-19 credits)


Nursing Program - Part time Day (1 - 11 or 20 + credits)

$1,232/credit hour

Nursing Program - Part time SUMMER day (2023S2, 2024S1)

$832/credit hour

Nursing Program - SUMMER day 2024S3

$832/credit hour

Nursing Program - Independent/Individualized Studies

$1,232/credit hour